A conceptual solution to sanitation in Bulgaria

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adelphi supported a private company in the German water sector to prepare a project concept for the waste water treatment for the Bulgarian Black Sea Resort Nessebar. The project was to be financed under ISPA (Instrument for Structural Policies for Pre-Accession), one of the three financial instruments of the European Union to assist the candidate countries in the preparation for accession.

The city of Nessebar and its surrounding areas are confronted with major waste water problems, especially during the summer months when roughly up to 150,000 visitors occupy the city. The assignment encompassed the preparation of a draft application for ISPA, coordinating with local partners, presenting the application to the national ISPA commission, and also presenting the results to Nessebar’s municipality. The objective was to assist the municipality and Nessebar’s private sector in preparing the ISPA application and relevant tender documents.

In addition, the project should identify local training needs and provided guidance to strengthen capacity at the local level in order to prepare for future project applications community funding or other national and international sources. In a second phase of the assignment adelphi drafted the application for co-funding for the invitation to tender by the EU ISPA programme.