Consultation process and evaluation on the international Water Cooperation Facility

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The preliminary results on the establishment of an International Water Cooperation Facility (IWCF) were presented by international experts at a conference in Washington DC, U.S. and San José, Costa Rica. Participants included representatives of civil society groups from southern developing countries, various donor agencies, directors of river basin commissions, and international water policy experts.

At both meetings, concrete approaches from the South’s perspective regarding river basin management and conflict resolution were discussed. In addition, appropriate institutional mechanisms were analysed, as proposed by the relevant sponsoring organisations in the context of IWCF. Honing in on the South’s specific demands will balance the existing shortcomings of the IWCF’s concept that is based on a supply driven cooperation model.

adelphi’s expertise on the IWCF formed the basis for the Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation’s final decision to create a government position.