Critical Review of ACT-Adaptation Methodology by ADEME

Green Building

With the advancing climate crisis and increasingly frequent weather extremes, adaptation to climatic changes is playing an increasingly important role. The effects of climate change are already being felt in the private sector as well. Effective adaptation measures are therefore urgently needed. Standards for the analysis of physical risks and adaptation of private actors already exist. However, these often only contain general guidelines and recommendations. The French Agency for Ecological Transition (ADEME) has therefore developed the ACT adaptation methodology. It aims to provide a framework for the assessment of physical risk analysis and adaptation strategies of companies. This methodology complements existing ACT mitigation methodologies to assess the entirety of companies' climate strategies. 

Against this backdrop, adelphi was commissioned to conduct an independent and comprehensive review of the draft ACT adaptation methodology. The main purpose of this was to ensure that the methodology was relevant, valid and applicable to all types of company, regardless of sector or size. Based on the findings of the review by adelphi, the ACT Adaptation Methodology was subsequently revised and further developed by ADEME. The revised version can be accessed here.