CTI Workshop 2016 on Carbon Market Mechanisms

Carbon Emissions

Through the Climate Technology Initiative (CTI), more than 20 states worldwide have made commitments to develop and diffuse climate-friendly and environmentally sound technologies.

As part of the German contribution, the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety (BMUB) has regularly conducted international workshops on climate change mitigation since 1999. adelphi organised these workshops in 2012, 2013 and 2015 and also implemented the 16th CTI Workshop, which took place on 23-24 June 2016 in Berlin.

In the past, the event focused on climate change mitigation actions in the buildings sector and at city level. In 2016, the workshop's topic was "Modes of Cooperation After Paris - Market-based Approaches and Raising Ambition". This included discussions on the Paris Agreement's provisions for market-based climate change mitigation, raising ambitions, as well as on Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC). This focus had been chosen in light of the Paris Agreement's conclusion in December 2015 and due to the increasing relevance attributed to market mechanisms in international climate protection efforts.

In order to both promote conceptual understanding of market-based approaches under the Paris Agreement and facilitate the transfer of practical knowledge, experts joined not only for in-depth discussions of Article 6 but also for the presentation of projects, policy instruments, and programmes that deal with carbon market mechanisms. Further, participants were offered the opportunity to exchange experiences and to strengthen their networks.

Apart from having planned and implemented the 16th CTI Workshop, adelphi is also responsible for developing, publishing, and distributing the quarterly CTI Newsletter. This communication platform has been administered by adelphi since mid-2013 and provides information on relevant projects, publications, and events in the field of climate change mitigation and carbon market instruments.