Developing concepts for a climate protection fund for peatlands

Birch forest with irrigation channel

adelphi was awarded the contract for a project on the development of concepts for a national climate protection fund to restore peatlands as part of the Environmental Research Plan 2012. The project was commissioned by the German Federal Environment Agency's Emissions Trading Authority.

The project focused on whether and how a fund should be used to support national peatland conservation projects. It involved analysis of existing funding methods with the aim of drawing useful conclusions on how a national funding model for peatland protection could work in Germany. One avenue explored looked at setting in place protective measures by offering high-value certificates on the voluntary market to offset greenhouse gas emissions in Germany.

adelphi was commissioned to develop recommendations on how best to structure this conservation fund. This involved examining the project types, approved methodologies and standards, the various options for technical and financial support and the target group in question. The project was conducted in cooperation with Professor Matthias Drösler from the faculty of Plant Ecology at the Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences.

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