Developing a Vulnerability Sourcebook for standardised vulnerability assessments

In the German development cooperation, vulnerability assessments are increasingly used as input for planning climate protection and adaptation measures. As financing opportunities for such projects increase, the need arises for effective tools to measure their success.

Against this background, adelphi was tasked by GIZ with the development of a comprehensive, modular "Vulnerability Sourcebook" for the standardised implementation of vulnerability assessments that can also provide an input for monitoring and evaluating adaptation measures. The Vulnerability Sourcebook comprises a conceptual framework for the vulnerability assessments, practical guidelines for implementing the framework as well as an annex providing tools, methods and other helpful information.

The Vulnerability Sourcebook is designed for people working in the German development and technical cooperation as well as for organisations and individuals on the international level which are active in the fields of development cooperation and adaptation. Jointly with GIZ staff, the Sourcebook was tested in four countries and finalised based on the experiences from the test applications.

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