Developing a water strategy for the MENA Region

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The goal of the German development policies is to enhance the sustainable management of scarce water resources at the local, regional, national as well as transnational levels. Water resources should be used in a farsighted, tactical, and what is more, equitable manner. The German proposal includes the improvement of sectoral frameworks and institutional reforms, such as the reform of agricultural irrigation; awareness raising and information sharing; support for regional cooperation; modernization and adaptation of the infrastructure and demand control; development and diffusion of management instruments; and improved land use planning and water resource protection.

In collaboration with InWEnt and the United Nations University Institute for Water, Environment & Health (UNU-INWEH), adelphi prepared the programme development of a Mediterranean water strategy that contributed to water resource security in the Mediterranean region. adelphi was lead-managing the development of a proposal strategy, the selection of key experts, the time management, as well as the drafting of a financing and sustainability concept.