Development of eco-building approaches in urban areas of Egypt

Egypt, Cairo, cityscape, view from Cairo Citadel

As with many other cities in Arab countries, Cairo faces an ongoing problem of deteriorating inner city residential areas. One of these areas includes the historic district of Al-Darb al-Ahmar. Planning constraints und rent controls have prevented investments. Since poor neighbourhoods attract low-income households, the economic status of these districts continues to fall. Energy efficiency has traditionally not been an important aspect to be included in the design of new buildings.

Hence, the project focuses on developing the concept of eco-buildings in order to improve the inner city buildings and to control unhealthy city sprawls. This shall be achieved by revitalisation measures that lead to a healthy, qualitative growth, with a minimum increase in energy demand of buildings that cause less pollution and traffic.

adelphi also carried out a study on energy demand of buildings, reduction of resource consumption, energy efficiency measures for buildings, waste-to-energy usage for buildings, application of solar technologies and efficient water use by collecting and analysing existing data on urban areas in Cairo. The results were summarised in a comprehensive action plan.