Development of an environment module for UNDG’s Framework for Conflict Analysis

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The main objective is to develop a module for the United Nations Development Group’s (UNDG) Framework for Conflict Analysis to address interlinkages between environment, conflict and cooperation. The framework itself constitutes an integral part of UNDG’s Post-Conflict Needs Assessment.

The organisations and programmes working under the umbrella of the UN Development Group aimed to develop a unified set of instruments for peace and conflict analysis in post-conflict settings. Aside from the relevance for conflict sensitive recovery planning and development cooperation, this set of instruments should also facilitate cooperation between the different organisations. Based on analysis of existing assessment tools in other organisations, and on behalf of the UNDG, adelphi prepared a Framework for Conflict Analysis and facilitated consultations with respective UN institutions. It was to be tested in the following years to be integrated into the wider UN Assessment Framework.

Publications of this project

  • Transboundary Natural Resource Cooperation in the Democratic Republic of Congo – . Entry Points for Improving Regional Relations

    Annabelle Houdret and Christiane Roettger 2010: Transboundary Natural Resource Cooperation in the Democratic Republic of Congo. . Entry Points for Improving Regional Relations. Geneva/Berlin: United Nations Environment Programme, Post Conflict and Disaster Management Branch and adelphi.