Dialogue forums with anchor countries on limiting climate change

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The InWEnt dialogue forums are intended to strengthen strategic partnerships with anchor countries (here: Brazil, China, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Mexico, South Africa) and contribute to solving global climate issues. Complementary to the international negotiations as part of the Bali Process, the task is to develop common strategic solutions to advance from processes of transformation to a “Low Carbon Economy”.

In contrast to the international negotiations, strongly characterised by set-in-stone positions, the informal nature of the dialogue forums offers the opportunity to develop possible common initiatives in key areas such as energy supply in cities and land use/forest conservation without narrowing the perspective to setting common obligations. The concept of the “low carbon economy” demands the dialogue forums take a long-term view. For example, a low-emissions global economic system needs long-term transition processes for which the relevant technological and regulatory solutions are still in development.

Using a set of jointly compiled key issues as a starting point, adelphi developed approaches for joint implementation pathways in the individual key areas. In this way, it contributed to network-building between Germany and the large emerging economies while strengthening south-south cooperation and policy learning. The InWEnt dialogue series additionally contributed to intensifying inter-disciplinary cooperation and, in the end, to the development of a coherent German position in relation to the anchor countries.