E-learning tool for privatisation of the waste water sector

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Parallel to classical learning methods, which are ranging from typical classrooms to open workshops, the area of distributed learning systems has been discovered by the international development community as an additional approach in capacity building. Keywords to this area are Web- and Computer based Training (WBT/CBT), tele-cooperative learning, Web Books, e-briefing or Electronic Performance Support System. The differences of these systems are mostly in the way they communicate with the user, the complexity of developing the solutions and the technical implementation.

adelphi on behalf of InWEnt - Capacity Building International had been entrusted with the task to design a user friendly concept for a CBT module on “privatisation in the waste water sector” for participants from the Middle East and South Africa. In the time frame from October 2002 to July 2003, adelphi developed the concept for content and technical approach of the Computer Based Training. Besides a market survey of CBT provider, already existing technology solutions will be analysed and used for designing requirements for future approaches on applied CBT. The market survey and technological requirements in the target countries resulted in recommendations for further steps of the client in the area of CBT and WBT. Furthermore adelphi developed the terms of references and finally assessed the resources involved in implementing the pilot project.