Eco-Bot: Development of virtual energy saving assistants for private and commercial use

Energy consumption and CO2 emissions are not only influenced by technological and physical factors. The energy consumption of individuals also contributes significantly to CO2 emissions. In light of this, behavioural science has provided important insights into how personalized tips and recommendations can guide consumers towards more energy-efficient and sustainable consumption patterns.

The Eco-Bot project, funded by the EU Commission, combines this knowledge with digital technology. The project aims to develop a personalized virtual energy assistant (Chat Bot) that informs end users and facility managers about the energy-saving potential of various devices and systems, and thus triggers behavioural changes through a direct dialogue. Based on smart metering techniques and complex pattern recognition algorithms used in the project, the Chat Bot can determine the power consumption of each device. By asking for additional information about the household or building, the energy assistant can give private or commercial users individual energy saving tips.

During the three-year project, the Eco-Bot Energy Assistant will be piloted and validated in three European countries and with three different business models: an energy supplier, a provider of building management systems, and an energy-saving platform. The aim of the pilot phase is to test the virtual energy assistant under real conditions. Concrete conclusions will be drawn regarding the performance, effectiveness, and affordability of the Eco-Bot system by taking into account socio-cultural, demographic, climatic, and other factors.

Within the research consortium, adelphi is responsible for the preparation of a market analysis and various exploitation plans based on the results of the project. The goal is to achieve a commercial use of the bot after completion of the project. Moreover, the project team will develop consumer-oriented market segmentation of the pilot tests in Spain, England, and Germany, as well as indicators to measure the success of Eco-Bot. Additionally, adelphi is supporting consumer engagement.