Efficient management of wastewater, its treatment and reuse in the Mediterranean

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adelphi, together with InWEnt, Germany, Technical University Hamburg-Harburg, Germany and ENEA, Italy, implemented a four year project on efficient wastewater management in the Mediterranean region under the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership of the EC. The project provided technical assistance in the area of treatment and reuse of wastewater with four local MEDA partners from Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine and Turkey.

Activities of key interest were the performance of country studies, the development of regional policy and technical guidelines, the execution of pilot and demonstration plants and the implementation of regional and local training programmes. The primary outcome of the project was to increase efficiency and effectiveness in the management of wastewater, its treatment and reuse in the beneficiary countries.

The project’s objectives and purpose were to develop and implement technical guidelines for efficient wastewater management and reuse in the region; strengthen the exchange of experience and co-operation between the Mediterranean countries (South-South cooperation) and the Mediterranean and EU Countries (North-South cooperation). The target area are rural areas in the beneficiary countries (5,000-10,000 inhabitants) as well as peri-urban areas with insufficient wastewater treatment facilities.