EMAS and climate protection

Businessman holding globe, mid section

The advancing climate change entails many opportunities and risks for businesses. The brochure produced as part of the project sets out the challenges to be faced and illustrates how EMAS can help to meet those challenges. The brochure specifically addresses the question of how EMAS can be used to establish efficient energy management. It also sets out the commercial benefits – especially the cost savings – which can be achieved by implementing EMAS. The brochure additionally provides details of EMASeasy, a programme which enables SMEs to implement EMAS in an uncomplicated way.

Publications of this project

  • EMAS und Klimaschutz – Unternehmensmanagement für Umwelt und Kosteneffizienz

    Kahlenborn, Walter und Christian Dietsche 2010: EMAS und Klimaschutz. Unternehmensmanagement für Umwelt und Kosteneffizienz. Berlin: Bundesministerium für Umwelt, Naturschutz und Reaktorsicherheit.