Energy efficiency in the hotel industry: the energy campaign

Hotel concierge and manager

The British initiative "Hospitable Climates" was launched by the Carbon Trust in 2000. The initiative aims to significantly reduce the energy consumption in the hotel and hospitality industry. "Hospitable Climates" was incredibly successful: the British hotel industry now saves 10 million Euros in annual energy costs, and achieves reductions in CO2 emissions of over 100,000 tons per year.

Against this backdrop, adelphi initiated a voluntary agreement between the Federal Ministry of Environment and the German Association of Hotels and Restaurants (DEHOGA), with the aim of launching a similar energy campaign in Germany. The hotel and restaurant industry is thus the first player in the service sector to be fully involved in Germany’s effort to protect the climate.

The campaign was conceived during a preceding project, after which the first conceptual elements could be implemented during a pilot project. Shortly thereafter, several hundred participants had already joined the new "Energy Campaign for the Hotel and Restaurant Industry" in Germany.