Environmental Peacemaking: Partnership with the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue

Climate change has severe impacts on societies and states. Particularly, in conflict-affected and fragile contexts these impacts can exacerbate existing conflicts and act as an obstacle for peace. This means that mediation and peacemaking practitioners who are working hard at transforming conflicts into non-violent dialogue are increasingly faced with conflicts in which climate change plays a role. At the same time, they face the challenge on how to address climate change as part of negotiated solutions such as peace agreements.

To address these challenges and support more effective environmental peacemaking that takes into account climate and other environmental changes, adelphi formed a partnership with the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue (HD). The goal of this partnership was to develop HD’s capacities in this area. This included the development of a concept for a toolkit and guidance for environmental peacemaking, the provision of technical advice and improving knowledge sharing.