Evaluation of the Swiss conflict early warning system FAST International

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The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation commissioned adelphi to evaluate FAST International, the early warning programme of Swisspeace.

The aims of the evaluation were threefold: first, it should give detailed insight into the current position and application of FAST International products by different user groups. Second, adelphi analysed the acceptance and performance of FAST International products and services. Third, recommendations were developed and information for more strategic decisions regarding the future development of FAST International were provided. Besides the analysis of relevant FAST documents, interviews, surveys, and discussions with FAST staff as well as donors ensured that the process of the evaluation was participative and transparent.

Publications of this project

  • Independent Evaluation of FAST International

    Carius, Alexander and Moira Feil 2006: Independent Evaluation of FAST International. Berlin/Bern: Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation/Division Conflict Prevention and Transformation.