ExTrass V– urban resilience against extreme weather events - consolidation

Extreme weather events not only cause immense property damage, but also pose high health risks for the urban population. The ExTrass-V project aims at improvingin the adaptive capacity of large and medium-sized German cities in the face of heat and heavy rainfall. In order to achieve this goal, previous project phases have already investigated, in particular, inhibiting and supporting factors, climate adaptation in urban planning, aspects of risk communication and transfer processes. The finding at that time: There is a high demand for practicable applications for municipalities to support their planning processes.

ExTrass V therefore focuses on the development and testing of a web-based resilience tool for municipalities. In the future, the tool will enable municipalities to assess their resilience independently and free of charge, to identify specific measures from a data pool, and to draw up action plans on the basis of these measures. The tool will also provide support during implementation and evaluation. In addition, the project includes the improvement of risk communication and the implementation of concrete adaptation measures in the partner cities Remscheid, Potsdam and Würzburg.

Publications of this project