Fact finding mission and programme development qualifying trainings in Georgia


A planning session in the spring of 2004 was held in Tbilisi, Georgia, against the background of the first advisory project in Georgia’s environmental field. The Deputy Ministry of Environment acted as the dialogue partner, along with key sectoral departments and the heads of subordinate agencies. The aim of this session was to prepare a long-term training programme concerning environmental management in Georgia. Senior staff from the Ministry independently identified the need for legal compliance. The European environmental legislation served as the frame of reference, whose most important framework directives were to be implemented over the long-term into national law.

Specifically, advisory and training requirements in the following areas were sought: first, methods of funding and long-term planning, particularly in the new Division for Strategic Environmental Planning; secondly, methods of policy coordination and cooperation, particularly in the new project finance department (donor budget planning and donor coordination); thirdly, strengthening the new Center of Monitoring and Statistics (consolidation and integration of current data bases, processing the data for policymakers and decision-making processes).

adelphi was entrusted with the preparation and evaluation such as planning the travel logistics. As a result, it developed proposals for further programme planning for InWEnt.