Fact sheets for renewable energy

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The primary aim of the project SAVE in the Frýdlant region of the Czech Republic was to promote and enhance the utilization of renewable energy resources, reduce energy related pollution and stimulate employment at the regional level. The Frýdlant region represents a prime example of a rural region influenced by unemployment and recession. Thus, the local administration received support from the development of an integrated energy plan that addressed when to take action through a bottom-up approach and what measures should be implemented.

adelphi developed fact sheets listing different renewable energy technologies. The technologies were suitable for small to medium-sized projects and could be applied in the Frýdlant region or in similar regions.

SAVE successfully established local support for administrations in regional planning, increased awareness, developed and transferred methodology and know-how related to energy planning and energy management. As a result, the Mayor of Frýdlant has persuaded other neighbouring communities to do similar work and cooperate with organisations at higher levels.