First Steps for EMAS Global in South Korea

Corporate sustainability and environmental protection are increasing in significance worldwide. Concomitantly, the significance of consistent, international approaches promising a maximum degree of quality is also rising. For businesses operations globally, uniform standards, especially within the supply chain, are a prerequisite for doing business sustainably. The European Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) Global is a good approach for advancing the dissemination of uniform and high-quality environmental standards.

EMAS Global contributes to the development of a “level playing field” in global environmental protection through knowledge transfer. adelphi gained its first experience with this in China, among other places. Now, adelphi and the business consultancy Arqum are pursuing the goal of making possible EMAS Global’s first steps in South Korea - meaning Korean companies implementing the European premium environmental standard. To do so, they will support up to four South Korean companies in the introduction of EMAS within the framework of a convoy procedure. The project team is additionally providing support to policy makers and civil society actors from South Korea in the establishment of the EMAS Competence Centre, the goal of which is to anchor elements of EMAS in South Korean environmental policy.