German Working Group "Emissions trading to combat the greenhouse effect 2007"

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In 2003, adelphi began managing the sponsorship for the working group Emissions Trading to Combat the Greenhouse Effect (AGE). The sponsorship included project staffing, administrative and financial management, overseeing the members as well as technical support to the AGE. In October 2000, the Federal Ministry for the Environment, under the National Climate Change Programme, led the federal cabinet, which the AGE established.

The role of AGE is to examine climate change mechanisms and provide recommendations for its design. Every year, 10 rounds of consultations take place for this purpose. Background information for the consultations on the AGE include discussions at the international level on the use of flexible mechanisms as well as the design and implementation of the European Climate Change Programme. Since the implementation of the EU emissions trading directive went into German law in 2004, the AGE has focused on issues that arise as a consequence of the implementation process of the European system in Germany.

In addition to the representatives of the Federal Government, other members of the AGE include representatives of companies and associations, trade unions as well as local governments. The AGE is funded by the Federal Ministry for the Environment and member contributions.