Governance framework for fairly managed aquifer recharge systems in the Mediterranean region

Water Management in the Mediterranean region

One of the most pressing problems of the 21st century is the management and distribution of limited freshwater resources. This challenge will become even more pronounced in regions that are being affected by climate change and population growth, such as the Mediterranean. Furthermore, the economies of many of the countries in the region heavily rely on water-intensive tourism, with a high economic and social value of water. Managed aquifer recharge (MAR) is a globally recognised method for sustainable management of water resources. However, inadequate planning tools and a lack of incentive schemes present major obstacles for its broad implementation.

AGREEMAR supports decision-makers in the safe and sustainable planning and use of MAR through adaptive governance frameworks, accompanied by a number of management and planning tools. At the local level, a main component will be agreements for benefit sharing endorsed by cross-sectoral stakeholder groups. The partners from Germany, Tunisia, Cyprus, Portugal and Spain will test the applicability of these methods in the Mediterranean over a number of years. adelphi substantially supports the project through the involvement of stakeholders from different social spheres and levels, and through the formulation of MAR-agreements on the implementation of governance framework at the local level. Among other things, the project team will assist in the organisation of civil assemblies, trainings, co-creation workshops, dialogues and webinars.

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