Horizon Europe Distender: Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Climate Risks

Across the EU, climate adaptation and mitigation are gaining increasing attention in policy-making at both regional and local level. Ensuring that both fields of action do not conflict with each other and are legitimised politically is of vital importance. The research project DISTENDER, funded by the EU Horizon Europe research programme, makes an innovative interdisciplinary contribution to the integration of adaptation and mitigation strategies. Special emphasis is put on the aspects of participation and stakeholder engagement. In close cooperation with eleven European case study cities, a methodological framework for the qualitative and quantitative evaluation of interactions, synergies and trade-offs between mitigation and adaptation policies is being developed. Through a flexible, participatory and legitimised planning process, mitigation and adaptation approaches will be contextually integrated and tailored to varying scenarios. The knowledge generated by DISTENDER will be made available to actors from politics, economics, and academia through a Decision Support System (DSS).

adelphi is taking the lead in the monitoring of the project and will develop indicators to measure and communicate the direct outcomes and long-term impacts of DISTENDER.