Hosting the German EMAS Advisory Board (UGA)

Bild einer Beratung zum Umweltmanagement

Founded in 1995, the EMAS Advisory Board (UGA) is an independent body established by law that advises the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) on issues concerning the European environmental management system EMAS, and on interpreting and applying the German EMAS Act (Umweltauditgesetz). In addition, the Board also provides recommendations for appointing accredited experts, as well as members of the audit committees of the EMAS registration office. 

For the fourth time, adelphi is responsible for providing the office of the German EMAS Advisory Board. The office supports the UGA in organising and planning its sessions as well as implementing its decisions and executing measures for EMAS funding. The office serves as a point of contact for members of the EMAS Advisory Board, environmental auditors, verifiers, authorised experts, EMAS organisations and those interested in the system. In cooperation with the Board, the office also takes care of public relations and providing information on energy management systems (EMAS).

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