Implementation and updating of the Federal Environment Ministry's Integrated Environmental Programme 2030

Straße am Atlantik

The project supports activities in the business division of the Federal Environment Ministry (BMU) for the programmatic operationalisation, implementation and updating of the Integrated Environmental Programme (IUP). To achieve this, findings from social science transformation and sustainability research are to be taken into account and further developed.

Above all, key aspects of the research and consulting services include research into conditions for success and obstacles to sustainability transformations, the role of actors in transformation, the potential of strategic perspectives for transformative environmental policy, and experiences of implementing Agenda 2030 in other countries.

Based on this, possibilities for concrete action strategies and options for sustainability transformations in selected fields of action of the IUP (e.g. nutrition, mobility) are to be developed, as well as proposals for a monitoring and evaluation procedure. In addition, recommendations for the implementation and updating of the IUP are to be formulated.

Publications of this project