Innovative approaches to private sector promotion

Business meeting

The private sector in emerging and developing countries is becoming increasingly important in achieving development policy objectives. It plays a particularly important role in reducing poverty and increasing the participation of women in working life. The project "Innovative Approaches from Public Sector Development" (Innovative Ansätze der Privatwirtschaftsförderung – PWF) by the Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH was initiated to raise the profile of German development cooperation in the key area of sustainable economic development in partner countries through innovative strategies and instruments. 

adelphi has carried out an analysis and evaluation of the sector project through reviewing documents and interviews and made an assessment of the experiences so far. The starting point for the strategic planning of the follow-up measures was also analysed. This included the experiences of the German and international donor community regarding the project’s core topics as well as further requirements and possible new components. Through these actions, adelphi supported the development of the overall strategy and the necessary documents for the commissioning of the new project.