International Leadership Training in the sector of water and energy

International Leadership Training (ILT) is part of several comprehensive InWEnt Capacity Development Programmes in the water and energy sectors of Latin America and the MENA region. It aimed to increase the abilities of young professionals and junior executives to enhance the strategies, management practices, internal processes and services of organisations operating in the fields of environment or human resource development.

From February 2010 until January 2011, 28 young professionals from Latin America, the Middle East, and North Africa (MENA region) attended the practice-oriented training phase in Germany. The participants worked in their home country for ministries, public institutions, private sector companies and civil society organisations.

ILT was dedicated to the consolidation of the participants’ technical know-how, management skills and capacity to implement change. It provided them with seminars on (project) management processes, organisational development, training and study tours on sectoral topics. Topics included human resource development and public awareness of the water sector, energy efficiency and renewable energies. The participants took part in a four-month internship within a sector-related company, where they could apply their newly gained knowledge and exchange new professional contacts.

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