Introduction of Climate Finance Readiness Training to GIZ


The Climate Finance Readiness Programme supports developing countries and emerging economies in the preparation of the implementation of mitigation and adaptation measures, with a focus on the Green Climate Fund (GCF). adelphi has been assigned to develop a Climate Finance Readiness Training (CliFiT) in the framework of the Cliamte Finance Readiness Programme. The training material includes introductory presentations for the different topics of Climate Finance Readiness, but also has a focus on interactive modules, which apply the content of each topic.

During the meetings of the department of environment and climate of GIZ a short two day CliFiT training programme was offered. The focus was on introducing the toolkit as well as latest trends in the international landscape of climate finance and the exchange of challenges of the different partner countries.

Climate finance readiness training (CliFiT) is a dynamic, interactive approach to raise awareness and capacity-building among public bodies in developing countries and emerging economies. The overall objective of the training is to provide tailor-made support, strengthening the ability of countries to build a coherent national framework for climate finance, access international climate finance and spend funds in an effective and transparent manner.