Klimalotse – Online system for managing the opportunities and risks of climate change

Tropical Storm Krovanh along the coastline of Japan.

Even if current CO2 emissions were to be radically reduced, the rate of climate change can now only be slowed down, it cannot be stopped. In Germany we must expect rising temperatures, changed patterns of precipitation and an increase in the frequency of extreme weather events.

This project deals with creating a decision support system (DSS) for managing climate change related opportunities and risks in Germany. The DSS has been designed as an online tool which will guide the user step by step through a risk analysis to the possible adaptations that can be made. Different risks and suitable action strategies are identified, depending on the region and sector in question. The DSS - the "Klimalotse" or "Climate Navigator" - provides users with resources and methods that guide and support them along the path to creating an adaptation strategy.

The system is available free of charge at www.klimalotse.anpassung.net.

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Publications of this project

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