Klimalotse 2.0: Supporting municipalities in climate change adaptation

Screenshot des neuen Klimalotsen

On behalf of the German Federal Environment Agency, adelphi developed the "Klimalotse" ("Climate Navigator"), an online guide aimed at supporting municipalities and businesses as they address the consequences of climate change. Due to ever-increasing greenhouse gas emissions and the mounting frequency of extreme weather events, the importance of climate change adaptation – in addition to climate protection – has grown since the release of the initial guide in 2010.

In light of new data on climate change as well as feedback regarding the initial guide, adelphi has now developed an updated Klimalotse. The focus of the updated edition shifts to small and mid-sized municipalities. Moreover, in addition to new and more in-depth information, the content is also prepared and arranged in a more journalistic manner. Following the publication of the Klimalotse 2.0 at the end of 2014, adelphi and its project partners offered a series of workshops to accompany the release of the guide.

Publications of this project

  • Updating an existing online adaptation support tool – Insights from an evaluation

    Haße, Clemens and Christian Kind 2018: Updating an existing online adaptation support tool. Insights from an evaluation. In: Climatic Change, 1-9.