Knowledge management, information and communication for the coupling of renewable energies and a sustainable chemical industry

lab technician pipette liquid into test tubes

In order to accelerate key issues in the field of sustainability across all sectors, communication and sharing of knowledge and the joint development of solutions is crucial. For the chemical industry, ISC3 (International Sustainable Chemistry Collaboration Centre), founded by GIZ, has created a platform for this purpose to promote the development, dissemination and exchange of knowledge and information on issues relevant to the future. The aim is to use concrete examples to show how energy from renewable sources can be harnessed for the chemical industry as well as how sustainable chemistry can be used to expand an ecological energy supply.

In this project, adelphi is developing two focus topics in the field of "sustainable chemical industry and renewable energies" for ISC3. For this purpose, the team develops a concept for the strategic approach including methods for the identification of guiding questions, acquisition of experts, as well as the implementation of stakeholder workshops, evaluation of information, creation of various publications and training materials. The first focus topic deals with "Waste Management and Circular Economy". In this context, the definition of relevant issues and the innovative integration and networking of stakeholders are of importance.