Local climate funds: Working together towards stronger local climate action

Green roof on a high building

Municipalities finance climate actions primarily with their own funds or subsidies from the federal and state governments. Nevertheless, in many municipalities these funds are not sufficient for all projects the municipality is aiming for. Therefore, innovative, alternative financing options such as climate funds can open up new resources for local climate action.

A look at existing climate fund models shows that so far only a few municipalities have chosen models that involve a variety of different actors and mix financing options. In the planned fund, the local government takes on an important part as a role model and initiator, but the goal is the financial participation of citizens and local businesses. The focus is thus on investing in one's own region and community. 

adelphi advises and supports five municipalities (Bottrop, Greifswald, Ilm-Kreis, Ludwigsburg und Lübeck) in setting up a municipal climate fund. This includes the development of a concept for setting up a local climate fund, on the basis of a needs analysis in the participating municipalities, as well as interviews with experts from various pioneering cities. Subsequently, individualised concepts for climate funds are developed together with the selected municipalities and the inter-municipal dialogue is strengthened. Once the concepts are finalised, adelphi provides ongoing support for the initiation of the climate funds, including communication, mobilisation of local actors, project selection and exchange.

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