Mediterranean Solar Plan: Cooperation to Transform the Energy System

Windräder, Sonne, Windkraft

The potential for affordable renewable energy gain in southern and eastern Mediterranean countries is huge, particularly in terms of solar and wind energy. Until now, the appropriate framework, budget concepts as well as transmission capacities for enabling electricity exports to Europe did not exist. In support of this, adelphi is working together with its project partners to prepare the scientific foundations for energy policy with a view on international cooperation.

The project framework comprises the provision of scientific consultation the German Federal Ministry for Environment, Nature conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety (BMUB) scientific consultation. Along with this, project partners will provide a level of organizational support in partnership development based on bilateral and multilateral cooperation with the Secretary of Union for the Mediterranean (UfM), as well as with selected UfM member states.

In order to support this kind of international dialogue, the project team is gathering expertise on the transformation of the German energy system as well as related international processes: Why is Germany transforming its energy system and which experiences have been made in this field? How can these outcomes best be facilitated abroad? Partners will analyze different aspects of transformations in the energy system, preparing engaging presentations and precise summaries that facilitate the objectives, policy tools and operating mechanisms in light of international developments. The analysis will also provide further focus on topics such as conservation, renewable energy or energy costs.