Natural resource management with indigenous communities in Central America

Indigenous groups make up about one third of the population of Central America. Often, however, they represent an even larger share of the poorer population. At the same time, these groups have a lot of knowledge about the environmentally conscious management of natural resources. A new fund, managed by adelphi on behalf of KfW, can finance the initiatives of indigenous and farmer groups with the aim of improving the living conditions of the local population, conserving resources and, for example, supporting climate change adaptation.

As part of the project, adelphi is organising the establishment of the fund, the development of the criteria for awarding funding and, ultimately, the identification, financing and implementation of projects with indigenous and farming communities. In this context the cultural values ​​and traditions of the indigenous groups are taken into special regard and funded via projects. Eligible project ideas include initiatives in the field of ethno and agritourism. Project proposals dealing with the topics of nature conservation, forestry communities, food security, and indigenous autonomy are also eligible for funding consideration.

The project activities will be conducted in Panama, Costa Rica, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala and Belize. In addition to adelphi, the Costa Rica based organization Fundación Neotrópica is also involved in the project. adelphi and Fundación Neotrópica are carrying out the activities for the indigenous associations ACICAFOC and CICA/Sotzil.