Networking in the AdSVIS programme on climate change adaptation of road infrastructure


Road infrastructure is of vital importance to both the passenger traffic as well as the transport of goods in Germany. Secure and robust roads, bridges and tunnels are the basis for a well-connected society. Along with the progressing climate change, also the weather and climate conditions which road infrastructure is exposed to change. A research programme of the Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt) is investigating which adaptation measures are necessary for the construction and operation of roads and buildings.

The programme "Adaptation of road infrastructure to climate change (AdSVIS)" encompasses 14 sub-projects that deal with vulnerability analyses and adaptation measures focusing on individual objects of the road infrastructure. As far as their respective content is concerned, they are systematically connected and partly also complement each other. For that reason, it is crucial to establish a network of the projects and research partners as well as promote a lively scientific exchange. adelphi has developed communication formats for the internal communication within the research programme to promote the mutual exchange. At the same time, adelphi coordinated and accompanied the joint communication of the results of all sub-projects to third parties. In that regard, the focus was on two conferences organised by adelphi at which the research results were presented to a national and international audience.