Operating the European EMAS Helpdesk 2015

LUANNAN - MARCH 26: Machinery and equipment in a spinning production line in a spinning company, in March 26, 2013, Luannan County, Hebei Province, china.

The EMAS Helpdesk was created to handle more complex enquiries, beyond the scope of the standard information available here on the website. It is accessible to all interested parties within and outside the EU and the EEA such as companies, public authorities, environmental groups, academic researchers, trade unions and the general public. In addition, the Helpdesk is responsible for the effective collection and listing of data concerning all organisations participating in EMAS and all accredited environmental verifiers.

Since 2001, the EMAS Helpdesk has also been providing the Commission with support in the promotion of the scheme. This includes updating the EMAS website, the creation of promotional material such as leaflets and factsheets and writing and publishing articles on the implementation of EMAS. The EMAS Helpdesk is operated by adelphi in cooperation with Arctik and 21 Solutions on behalf of the European Commission, Environment DG. adelphi's core activities in 2015 include organising the EMAS Awards and the High Level Conference on EMAS and producing the Compendium on EMAS Promotion and Policy Support in the Member States

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