Pan-Caucasus cooperation on landscape planning and biodiversity conservation

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Participants who attended the 1st Pan-Caucasus Workshop on landscape policy in Bonn, December 2008, expressed interest in further developing the emerging Pan-Caucasus Network. This initiative builds on the rationale presented at the 2000 European Landscape Convention that aims to "promote landscape protection, management and planning". This process strengthens regional cooperation and transboundary collaboration, shares information and experiences and fosters Pan-Caucasus collaboration on landscape policy, planning and biodiversity conservation.

The 2nd Pan-Caucasus conference on landscape planning and biodiversity conservation took place April 29-30, 2010, in Ankara, Turkey. It aimed to: (a) achieve a common understanding about the importance of landscape planning and biodiversity conservation; (b) promote regional cooperation ; (c) exchange information over projects and activities that are particularly relevant for regional and transboundary cooperation; and (d) discuss a joint proposal for future collaboration.