Present and future of the JI mechanism


The project concerned Joint Implementation (JI) project practises employed by European public authorities in relation to article 11 (b) 1 of the EU Linking Directive (2004/101/EC). A one-day workshop was held to discuss the following keynote points:
a) the role of the JI mechanism in a post-Kyoto regime (possible interlinking of the EU emissions trading system with other trading systems);
b) the potential for offsets in the EU, primarily in relation to additional emissions reductions in the non-ETS sectors; and
c) current practice relating to the JI approval procedure, particularly with regard to quality requirements.

adelphi organised, designed and hosted the workshop as part of the project. Following the event, adelphi also compiled documentation summarising the individual results. Among other findings, the workshop revealed the currently still widely varying approaches of the EU member-states with regard to JI projects. At the same time, it provided the opportunity for an interchange of views in relation to the still very unclear further development of the JI mechanism within the framework of a post-Kyoto regime.