Promoting climate change adaptation in the Indian private sector

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This project sought to improve and promote the efforts of a preparatory project on promoting climate change adaptation amongst Indian micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises (MSME). In the course of this preparatory project, a study on business risks resulting from climate change was developed. Adaptation capacities of business membership organisations (BMOs) and businesses were built up by way of the online e-learning programme Climate Expert and an accompanying training programme. Both programmes enabled businesses to understand climate change impacts and assess their own risks and opportunities. They furthermore offered support in developing a climate change adaptation strategy.

The aim of the current project was to further improve and promote these outputs, enhancing their practicality and making sure they tie in to day-to-day activities of MSMEs. The added value of the existing tools was thus increased by building practical, implementation-focused knowledge and capacities. This was achieved via interviews and the testing of the assessment tools with selected MSMEs. Subsequently, the tools were improved and MSME-focused case studies were developed in order to serve as demonstration of the usefulness of the tools.

Another goal was the building of a strong partnership with Indian implementing partners, achieving a local buy-in and further promotion of the project results and training programmes.

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