Promoting environmental technologies and innovation in Morocco

Handshake in front of wind turbines

On behalf of the environmental trade fair EnviroMaroc 2007 in Casablanca, adelphi showcased a one-day side event on "Environmental Technology and Innovation in the Wastewater Sector". This required developing the programme, selecting and briefing the speakers as well as creating the conference documentations.

The Moroccan partners helped prepare and select practical examples in the fields of "Decentralised Wastewater Treatment", "Process-integrated Environmental Protection" and "Legal Frameworks". In addition, training and consultancy needs of partner institutions were specified, especially in the area of organisational development. The focus centred around the following themes: a long-term strategy development, marketing, consulting acquisitions in the technology field, methods of technology assessment, development and expansion of specialist expertise in centralised and decentralised treatment of industrial and domestic wastewater as well as building strategic partnerships.