Provision of knowledge products for the KfW urban resilience knowledge platform

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The Urban Resilience Lab (URL) was established within KfW Development Bank and funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). It aims to increase KfW's capabilities in the area of urban climate resilience by strengthening KfW's internal knowledge and developing pilot projects in the regions of South Asia, Latin America and Central Africa. As part of the URL, a multi-sectoral knowledge platform on urban climate resilience has been developed to inspire and assist KfW Development Bank portfolio managers in designing innovative, holistic and transformative projects. 

adelphi prepares various knowledge products on urban climate resilience for KfW's knowledge platform. Specifically, this includes project profiles of a selection of KfW-external best practices from Germany and KfW partner countries that are transferable to financial cooperation. Furthermore, thematic sheets are compiled that highlight particularly innovative and holistic approaches to climate adaptation - their mode of action and implementation options. Finally, a collection of literature brings together the specialist information that is important for KfW portfolio managers.