REGILIENCE - Resilience Strategies for Regions in Europe

REGILIENCE is a project funded by the EU "Horizon 2020" programme that supports municipalities, cities and regions in strengthening their climate resilience. REGILIENCE helps identify and upscale resilience solutions by supporting their replication in 10 vulnerable regions with low adaptive capacity in Europe, promoting them through different channels and actions, and inspiring policy makers, organisations and individuals to engage in change. REGILIENCE also supports and connects three ongoing "Horizon 2020" projects on climate resilience: ARSINOE, TransformAR, and IMPETUS.

To make this support effective, REGILIENCE will implement nearly 700 activities, such as events, trainings, peer-to-peer mentoring, helpdesk, information and communication materials, etc., to share experiences, learn from failures, provide guidance, and disseminate knowledge and tools. REGILIENCE is developing, among other things, a resilience basics course and a resilience scan tool for citizens, and testing 10 innovative approaches for public-private partnerships. adelphi is developing indicators for monitoring climate resilience in the regions as well as methods for evaluating the impact of implemented measures.