Regional Energy Efficiency Project in South Asia

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Rapid increases in energy consumption and energy scarcity in South Asian countries pose major challenges to sustainable development. In order to tackle these challenges, it is important to improve energy efficiency, an area in which the region has enormous potential to make energy savings.

India, Nepal and Bangladesh are among the countries which have recognized the enormous potential of energy efficiency and which have established foundational institutional structures for the implementation of energy efficiency measures. However, some of these new institutions are still in an early development stage. The Regional Energy Efficiency Project (REEP) served to increase the capacities of these institutions. The project put in place various measures such as training programmes, conferences and study tours and enabled participants to develop and implement appropriate ideas and measures in the field of energy efficiency.

The partner organisations were supported in establishing a regional energy efficiency network, providing the means for regional exchange of best practices on energy efficiency. This was complemented by providing access to an international network of energy efficiency experts.