Renewable energy around the world – Supporting the development of IRENA

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The initiative to establish an International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), whose primary objective is to promote the widespread use of such energy all over the world, was a real breakthrough for those involved in German renewable energy policy, who have been working with focus and passion to achieve this goal. With well over 100 member states, IRENA is the only intergovernmental organisation dedicated solely to promoting renewable energy. It seeks to come up with comprehensive solutions that include all forms of renewable energy and take different political approaches on a local, regional and national level into account.

adelphi supported the development of IRENA by taking part in a range of projects focussing on different issues. Within the context of this project, adelphi helped devise various public relations campaigns. In particular, this included coming up with a range of concepts for introducing renewable energy and the role of IRENA to the wider public. Another aspect of the project was to provide support services in preparing for and holding the third session of IRENA’s Preparatory Commission. adelphi also gave advice on concepts of international law to the secretariat, which was in the process of being set up.