Revising the EU's Black Sea Strategy

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This project contributed to the European Black Sea Strategy consultations that aimed at strengthening sustainable development. A policy paper by the Heinrich Böll Foundation and the Worldwide Fund For Nature (WWF) examined ways to prevent negative impacts of economic development (including the development of transport and energy infrastructures), promote environmental protection and nature conservation throughout the region and to link environmental protection with conflict resolution in the regional context. adelphi prepared a chapter on "Peace, Security and the Environment in the Black Sea Region" and attended several dialogues with stakeholders in the region and the European Commission in Brussels.

Drafts of the study were distributed and discussed with local experts at a regional conference in Odessa and incorporated into the final report. Consultations were also held in Odessa with civil society groups and governments and with the European Commission in Brussels.

Publications of this project

  • CSR - Made in Germany

    Knopf, Jutta; Walter Kahlenborn und Thomas Hajduk 2011: CSR - Made in Germany. Berlin: adelphi.