Scientific and technical assistance to the BMWi on advancing the Energiewende

Mounting a solar panel frame

Historically, a country’s energy sector has rarely been subjected to a transformation so forward-looking, deliberate and ambitious as Germany’s current “Energiewende”. Its repercussions will be felt far beyond the sector and its main actors, affecting the entire German economy. Its complexity and the necessary diligence have little precedence. The strategic orientation, far-reaching decisions, and programmes and policies to be developed more often than not lie at the intersection of technology, ecology, economy, politics, and the society as a whole. 

This has led the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) to call upon expertise from some of Germany’s most renowned scientific institutes, think tanks, and consultancies. The core topics of the project relate to programmes and policies intended to promote renewable energy sources and energy efficiency, the use of renewable energy sources in heating and cooling applications, the reuse of waste heat, European and international energy policies, nuclear energy, regulatory law, as well as fiscal policies concerning the energy sector.

The focus of adelphi’s work will be on the economic and technical aspects of particular subprojects. It will also provide project management services and produce texts. Currently, adelphi is involved in the following projects: