Sino-German Dialogue Forum on Health System: Hospital Development and Medical Technology


China, the world’s most populous country, is experiencing both rapid economic growth and profound demographic change. Reflecting these developments, the People’s Republic is currently reforming its healthcare sector. While much has been achieved, multiple challenges in developing the country’s sustainable health system still lie ahead. In this process, Sino-German cooperation has proven to add a valuable contribution in the areas of financing as well as knowledge and technology transfer.

In order to provide a platform to share experience and perspectives on current sector trends, as well as to discuss innovative solutions and opportunities to improve China's healthcare system through cooperation, the KfW Development Bank commissioned adelphi with the design, organisation, and implementation of the international conference “Sino-German Dialogue Forum on Health System: Hospital Development and Medical Technology”.

On 3 September 2013, the conference in Beijing brought together more than 200 decision makers, representatives of finance institutions, medical industry professionals, and researchers from the People’s Republic of China and Germany.