Strategic advice on resource efficiency for India's government


In the next decades the extraction and use of natural resources in India will significantly rise due to the country’s population growth and economic development. As many resources are finite, the growing demand is expected to result in considerable challenges, such as rising raw material prices, irregular supply and potentially negative effects to the environment. One way to tackle these problems is through enhanced resource efficiency and making better use of secondary raw materials.

On behalf of the GIZ India, adelphi develops a framework for an Indian Resource Panel that is meant to support the Indian government with setting up a legislative framework on resource efficiency and recycling. Additionally, adelphi reviews and revises guidelines for the management of end-of-life vehicles (ELVs). Amongst other things this entails determining the responsibilities of various public and private stakeholders related to the recycling of ELVs and identifying environmentally-sound dismantling and recycling technologies.