Strategic development of the UNEP Expert Advisory Group on Natural Resources and Conflict

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A diverse group of international researchers gathered in Bonn in April 2004 for the second meeting of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Expert Advisory Group on Natural Resources and Conflict. The meeting aimed at analysing gaps and opportunities for research and policy agendas in the growing field of environment, conflict and cooperation.

The participants spent two days discussing background papers on analysis, policy and assessment, followed by sessions on developing partnerships and opportunities for the UNEP, whose Division of Early Warning and Assessment (DEWA) convened the meeting. UNEP DEWA’s Director, Steve Lonergan, concluded that UNEP could seek to coordinate international agencies, synthesize methodologies and data, and communicate findings to policymakers. UNEP plans to further engage external expertise on these issues to increase its profile with regard to environment, conflict and cooperation.

Alexander Carius, adelphi’s Executive Director and member of this UNEP DEWA expert group, prepared and organised the expert meeting in close cooperation with, and on behalf of, UNEP DEWA.